Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)

Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)


The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), or as we call it….FREE OILS PROGRAM is how you can earn product credits on your monthly purchases to buy oils for free. The longer you participate the more % credits you earn all the way up to 30%! This is a completely OPTIONAL program and you don’t have to participate when you enrol.

LRP percentage chart

I get it, you don’t want to buy oils every month and have a massive collection of oils that you won’t use. Well my friend, doTERRA do more than just oils!! They have skin care, cleaning products, hair care, vitamin supplements and lots more. Why not slowly transition your current, potentially chemical or synthetically perfumed products with doTERRA. This means that money you would have already spent at a supermarket or health shop can instead be directed instead to your monthly doTERRA order which gets you points towards FREE PRODUCT. You will also receive points towards more expensive oils simply by purchasing the oils you use all the time like Lemon, On Guard, Lavender or Peppermint.

Let’s break it down…

Loyalty Rewards Program

So what does a 50PV order look like?

Example 1

  • OnGuard toothpaste  
  • Lemon essential oil  — for your morning warm water. Diffuse. Add to raw desserts.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil — I like to keep this in the shower and release a few drops for an invigorating aromatic shower. Opens the airways.
  • Grapefruit essential oil — beautiful to diffuse, elevates moods, and one drop tastes fantastic in mineral water.

52PV. Total cost = $61.50

Example 2

  • doTERRA Shampoo & Conditioner 
  • Balance essential oil — grounding blend. (one of my absolute favourites!)

50.5PV. Total cost = $66

Example 3

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil — doesn’t set hard in winter. For diluting your oils and applying them topically.
  • Lemongrass essential oils — divine when diffused. Add a drop or two to your curry!
  • ClaryCalm essential oil blend — women’s monthly blend. Helps balance hormones and decrease menstrual cramps.

55PV. Total cost = $60.25


  • Must order monthly
  • Only orders of 50PV or more will earn product credits
  • Orders of 1-49 PV will maintain both Loyalty Reward level (%) and previously accrued product credits but will not earn any additional credits
  • Product credits expire 12 months from the date of issue (but don’t worry they’re redeemed oldest first)
  • You must have enough Product Credits to fully “pay” for a product on redemption (no partial paying with points and cash)
  • The orders where you redeem your orders don’t count to volume nor will they count towards Product of the Month (POM)
  • A redemption fee of $3 per 100 points, applicable taxes, and shipping charges will apply
  • You must be an LRP participant for 60 days before credits can be redeemed
  • You can cancel your membership to LRP at any time BUT all product credits and percentage will be immediately cancelled with LRP cancellation
  • Product credits have no cash redemption value and are non-transferable
  • Products purchased with LRP credits are not for resale
  • Cancellation of LRP order can only be done by calling Member Services on (02) 8015-5080 (Australia) or (+64) 32 88 00 11 (New Zealand) – this is not a difficult process nor will you be asked millions of questions



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