Shipping Rewards Program: How Does It Work?

Shipping Rewards Program: How Does It Work?


The Shipping Rewards Program is just another way that proves doTERRA is a truly generous company. When you buy products from doTERRA they are shipped direct to your door and you to pay for that cost.

BUT the Shipping Rewards Program (SRP) means that doTERRA will give you a % of that cost back in PV!!

Shipping Rewards Program table



When you enrol, you are placing an online order…that means you will get 50% of the cost (generally $9.95 or $12.95) back to redeem on product.

Anytime you place a “One-Off” order you will also receive 50% of the postage cost back. So for $9.95 in shipping you get 5PV.



For those on the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), you will receive 100% of the shipping back in PV. Not only are you getting PV on orders above 50PV you ALSO get 100% of the postage cost in PV too!!! Seriously, it’s raining PV. Example: You are new to LRP, you place a 100PV order. You get 10% back in PV from the Rewards Program (10PV) PLUS 100% of the shipping cost ($9.95) 10PV….In total you’ll get 20PV to redeem at a future time for FREE OILS.

This actually represents fantastic value as 1PV is more than AU$1 !!



When your order is placed through Member Services (either by phone or if they need to adjust it at all after you’ve placed it online) you will receive 50% of the postage cost back in PV. Eg. $9.95 postage = 5PV.


The PV you accrue both from this Shipping Rewards Program and the Loyalty Rewards Program are all grouped together in available PV to redeem on oils and get them FOR FREE.

For more info and FAQ check out the SRP page on doTERRA Australia.


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