Ready To Change Your Life?

Ready To Change Your Life?


That photo, the comment from your kids, the dress, that pair of pants, the epiphany…that moment you decided to make a change.

You may have experienced this, maybe you haven’t yet. Will it be something negative that makes you sad, that makes you wake up to the reality of your unfulfilled heart? Or will it be a moment in time that was positive that makes you realise how precious you are, how deserving of love you are and that you have a responsibility to make positive change in your life everyday?

For many people, the decision to change their life, to make steps to put them on a path to health and fulfilment is triggered by an undesirable moment. The moment you see a photo of yourself and the reality of what you see can’t be denied. The lack of spark in your eyes, the forced smile, the retreating posture. You don’t want to be in that photo just like you don’t really want to participate in life. You are unhappy…you decide to make a change.

For me, my experience that made me change was the birth of my daughter. I had an incredibly positive experience birthing my baby. I was at home, surrounded by loving and nurturing support from my family, my husband and two gentle midwives. She was born powerfully into light and unimaginable love. I was blown away by the power of my body to grow and birth this brand new human being. I have since fed that baby wholly from my body with breastmilk and nurtured her little mind and soul with unlimited and seemingly endless cuddles, stories and love. But to do all this, I made a choice to love and care for my body and my soul. I am so grateful for my body and this life that I want to make the right decisions out of love and respect for myself. It is a daily, moment by moment choice.

Have you had your moment? What choice will you make?

The respect I found in my body inspires and drives me to make healthy changes. I choose to live cleaner, to eat healthier, to exercise more. To be patient and find calm when I am stressed. Never perfect, I forgive myself for the choices that don’t align with that. I forgive myself for wanting to eat the chocolate, for choosing to skip my walk and for losing my cool in a moment of stress. I know that holding on to those choices and berating myself, guilting and punishing myself just adds to the impact.

Yes, I ate the chocolate and I ate too much. That wasn’t a wise choice. But you know what? It’s ok, I’ll make a better choice the next time I open the fridge. Deep breath, forgive.

Want help to keep making the right choices?

doTERRA essential oils are potent and powerfully therapeutic because of their unmatched quality. You can use the oils to help keep you on the right track with your health choices.

Feeling tired and unmotivated to go for a walk? Try a citrus oil mixed with peppermint oil to wake you up and boost your energy. A great combo is Wild Orange and Peppermint

Stressed and overwhelmed by work and life? Lavender or Petitgrain oils are high in linalool (an alcohol that has shown to be very calming to our mind and nervous system).

Always feeling run down and pick up every cold going around? Wood and Spice oils like Frankincense and Thyme help with inflammation and tissue healing.

Do oils treat us?
No, they do not. Your body has an innate ability to heal itself. What we don’t do, is give it what it needs. We are so stressed out, our bodies always on the defensive, our adrenal glands on overdrive. We eat high calorie, low nutrient foods and flood our bodies with toxins. Our bodies and minds are so overwhelmed they can not heal. The oils provide the support to allow for healing. They are the calm in the storm. They do not treat or cure. Our bodies do that when we allow them to.

If you have had your moment and would like to learn more about a natural way of supporting your body to do its thing, join my tribe, learn more about doTERRA essential oils and get great ideas by email.

Live Gentle, Raise Gentle.

Bec x


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