10 DIY Reed Diffuser Blends for a Welcoming Home

10 DIY Reed Diffuser Blends for a Welcoming Home


We all want a welcoming home environment. A safe refuge after a long day. Reed diffusers can help bring beautiful fragrance to small rooms like bathrooms or bedrooms. They also make wonderful gift ideas! Everyone can create their own favourite blend of essential oils. And by making your own diffuser with doTERRA essential oils you’ll know that there are no synthetic, chemical perfumes. Just 100% pure Mother Nature goodness.


Make Your Own Reed Diffuser

Glass jar or vase with a narrow neck – check out op shops, whatever you like to match your home

Bamboo skewers but natural reed sticks work better

1/4 cup of light carrier oil (apricot kernel or safflower for example)

15- 20 drops of your favourite doTERRA essential oils

2 Tablespoons of alcohol (this helps the oil travel up the reed) – Vodka works great as it’s odourless

That’s it!!! Just mix it all together, pour in to the vase and pop the sticks in. Easy, clean and so much cheaper than store bought ones.


10 Welcome Home! Blend Ideas


  1. Lavender + Frankincense
  2. Lavender + Lime + Spearmint
  3. Frankincense + Bergamot + Elevation Blend
  4. On Guard + Frankincense + Douglas Fir (for Christmas Cheer)
  5. Lemon + Peppermint + Lavender
  6. Balance + Eucalyptus  + Rosemary
  7. Rosemary + Citrus Bliss + Cedarwood + Juniper Berry
  8. Wild Orange + Cedarwood + Ylang Ylang
  9. Geranium + Grapefruit + Lime
  10. Clove + White Fir + Cinnamon



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