DIY Essential Oil Shower/Bath Bombs

DIY Essential Oil Shower/Bath Bombs


A Little Luxury Everyday

Enjoy Aromatherapy EVERYDAY with these little Shower Bombs! When was the last time you had time for a soak in the tub?? Make your shower a little more “spa like”. Shower bombs fizz away like a bath bomb and release a gorgeous aroma as you have a shower.

These were really easy to make, I thought they would be a lot more fiddly. I surprised myself and didn’t take as long as I thought it would. They’re perfect for a unique birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day gidt, Thank You present, host gift or just a little treat to yourself. And might I add….a heck of a lot cheaper than store bought bombs!

What do I need?

– 2 cups baking soda
– 1/2 cup Citric Acid (you can get this in the baking aisle)
– 1+1/2 Tablespoons water
– 6 drops of food colouring (optional)
– 20 drops of essential oils. See below for ideas
– Silicone mould (I used a love heart shaped chocolate mould I found at Kmart. You could also just press the mixture in to cupcake wrappers for more of a pretty disc shape)


What do I do?

Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
In a seperate bowl add the essential oils, water and food colour.
While stirring the dry mixture (you might like to use a KitchenAid or something) add just a few drops of oil mixture at a time. You can use a small teaspoon to add just a little bit at a time or better still a dropper.

Mix everything until all combined and the texture is damp (not wet) just damp and crumbly.
Use a spoon to scoop out the mixture into the moulds and press down to make sure its all nice and compact.

Allow to dry overnight.

Very carefully pop the bombs out of the mould and into an air tight container. When I made these I was living in Darwin so the humidity meant they took 2 days to completely dry!! You can always pop them out if they are firm enough and continue to let them fully dry on a cooling rack.

That’s it! You’re done and you have a beautiful little gift for someone (or yourself) to add a little luxury to every shower. Of course they work just like a bath bomb so can be used in a bath too.

Oil Blends for Shower Bombs

Morning Shower Blends

Bali Spa – Very lush. Refreshing yet floral
12 x Aroma Touch
6 x Ylang Ylang

Wake Up and Focus
10 x Peppermint
6 x Eucalyptus
4 x Lemongrass

Grounded and Alive
10 x Balance
10 x Wild Orange

Evening Shower Blends

Sweet Surrender
20 x Lavender Peace – don’t mess around with perfection!

Calm and Relaxed
10 x Vetiver
3 x Sandalwood
7 x Lavender

8 x Lemon
6 x Frankincense
4 x Lavender
2 x Juniper Berry


Want to get your hands on these oils? Find out how >>> click here.


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