About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Rebecca Connolly.


I am a mum, a nurse, wife, daughter, sister and owner of Distilled Happiness. I started using essential oils because I wanted a way to clean my house and my clothes that didn’t involve using nasty liver loading and endocrine disrupting chemicals. I have a young family and I worried about what my daughter was absorbing through her skin every time she crawled on the floor or played in the bath. I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils by a friend and fell in love with their incredible, rich aroma and how they immediately changed my mood right there in the room. I’d had a terrible night with my baby girl and had had very little sleep when I went to my friend’s yoga class where she used the oils during the practice and then showcased them after. I was in absolute awe of  how uplifted, awake and really humming with energy I was when I left that class considering I walked in feeling tired, angry, frustrated and downright miserable.

These oils have opened a whole new world for me and expanded my knowledge about health and wellness on a more holistic level than I could have possibly hoped to achieve in the medical model of nursing. But even beyond the physical level, these oils have helped me balance my moods and lift my energy, and they have deepened my spirituality, not in a religious way, but in a deeper appreciation for the power of our Earth, of nature and the universe. That journey began when I had my baby girl in a beautiful home birth that showed my just how powerful the mind and my body really is. I felt incredibly connected to every women that birthed with me on that day all around the world but also the billions of women that had birthed before my over thousands of years.

Being able to turn to a natural and safe alternative to some pharmaceuticals to support my health has been wonderful. Sure, there are some headaches that I have still needed to reach for the paracetamol but others I have been able to nip in the bud with a rub of a few oils on my temples and neck. I’m sure my liver is thanking me for those few less medications. These oils aren’t here to treat, cure or be prescribed for any specific health condition, simply to support your body function at its best. Of course, if you have a health concern and are seeing a doctor or specialist, consult them before using any oils as some should be avoided with some medications.

I am a nurse and passionate about empowering people to take control of their own health and make choices that support normal function of their bodies. We have lost sight of how we have evolved as a species with our fascination for “kills 99.9% of germs”. That is not how we evolved. We as humans have evolved as a part of the Earth as a whole, surrounded by bacteria and other microorganisms.We need bacteria to survive, they help us break down our food and provide protection against the nasty bugs. We can not live in a sterile bubble. When we use these cleaners, we kill not only the bad bugs but also the good.  There are more bacteria living inside you and on your skin than there are people in the world…several times over. You are a universe to a microscopic world!

I have created this space to share my discoveries, my passions and my goals to help inspire other people out there, men and women, to take control of their health and their life and to find another way of living where you can wake up and feel good, and go to sleep and feel better! I am creating abundance in my life by choosing to do what I love (helping people be healthy) but in a setting and an environment that is also good for me. The long and irregular hours of shift work were damaging me. I had put on over 10kg and had trouble sleeping. I never had any energy, rarely exercised and made poor food choices. Not the lifestyle I wanted for myself. So when I was introduced to doTERRA I realised I had found an opportunity to create something different for myself.

My family has always been in small business with my mum creating and running several businesses in her life as well as running a company with my dad. When I was younger, I thought I would create a business myself as well but I never thought that would be a reality when I chose nursing as it’s just not a career that lends itself to private practice. But when the opportunity to create my own business with doTERRA was presented to me I thought what could be more perfect! A product I love, that is so responsibly sourced from all over the globe, a product that helps people live healthier, happier lives and allows me to connect with people in a way I love…classes, workshops and parties! The more I read about their compensation plan, their Loyalty Rewards Program, the support I would receive in the business structure of network marketing as well as the convenience of having a warehouse do all the packaging, shipping, sourcing and all with the ability to shop online….I was hooked. My husband is in the Army and so we are moving every couple years. My ability and desire to create a business and career for myself was constantly quashed with a posting order to move to a different city. But now…with a doTERRA business, I am able to look at these postings not as yet another nail in the coffin of my career but an exciting opportunity! A new market, new friends, new ceilings to smash and limitless abundance in my life.

My future is a residual income that has the potential to not only replace but exceed my income as a nurse but with the incredible bonus of flexibility of my own hours. I will be there to support my husband and my children; to attend their school events, sporting competitions and simply be there for them. My days are filled with learning more and more about essential oils and how they can help me and my friends, emailing, calling and messaging contacts while my baby sleeps and playing when she is awake. I get to network and plan events at local businesses and homes to share my experience with the oils face-to-face and hopefully provide new people with the opportunity to live low-tox lives.

This is my dream, my reality and my passion.


Want these same oils in your life? Head over to Enrolment Kits and discover their incredible properties and find an option that suits your life and your wallet. Then, browse through the blog pages and discover ways you can improve your lifestyle! But if you are unsure what will help you best, then send me a message or email with your particular wellness concern and I am more than happy to help tailor a solution for you so you can get the most oils for your investment.

If you are interested in knowing more about the business opportunity and how a doTERRA business can help you with financial and time freedom to pursue your true passion (whatever that may be) then contact me and we can have a chat further about how I can help support you to realise your dreams.