Let’s look at doTERRA as a business…

I went into my doTERRA business looking to simply grow a network large enough to pay for my oils. I wanted to make Elite and earn an income that would cover my LRP order so that I could love and use my oils basically for free. But…the more I read and learnt about this incredible company and their amazing compensation plan the more I realised that this was my opportunity to create something for myself.

“But, I’m not a salesperson.”

There is nothing wrong with being a salesperson, you can sell with integrity and from a place of service not simply to sell. Sharing essential oils with your loved ones and friends is inviting them to enjoy the many and varied health benefits of doTERRA essential oils. You have a wonderful gift and it is easy and comfortable to want to share your experiences with them. Personally, I love planning parties for my friends and even the thrill of public speaking. I have enjoyed the workshops I have run where I don’t know anyone MORE than the ones held for friends.  If presenting to strangers scares you though I think that this is actually partly GOOD! Let this opportunity of running your own doTERRA business be a reason to grow both personally and professionally. Step outside your comfort zone and test yourself. But of course if public speaking terrifies you, rest assured, you can do workshops just 1:1 with people in their homes, at a cafe or wherever. Share on social media…make Facebook and Instagram your friend not the procrastinating enemy it can be. There is even the option for online webinar classes if you’re tech’ed up. But even simpler, just LIVE your oils…use them, wear them, diffuse them, eat them, LOVE them and trust me, you will radiate them. I had my kit for only a week and all of a sudden mums at my mother’s group were asking what was different, people were telling me I looked amazing! They wanted to know my secret and all I had to say was “doTERRA”. Conversations flowed and contacts were made. These oils transform your life in so many ways.

“If it’s not a pyramid scheme then it’s a cult!”

Honestly, I rolled my eyes too when I found out that doTERRA was a Network Marketing business and laughed at the thought of me being “just another stay-at-home-mum” throwing parties. But think about this…how is your current job structured? Do you have a boss or CEO at the top, and some directors or managers under them, then more assistants and workers under them? Well my friends, that looks an awful lot like a pyramid too! A pyramid scheme though, is where all the people at the bottom pay the person above them all the way to the top but they get nothing in return. These are ILLEGAL! In doTERRA, you will always get something in return…OILS!!! The Network Marketing companies of our parent’s generation are not the same as the ones we see today, you can outrank the person who enrolled you. Yes, those of us who are in doTERRA are extremely passionate about the oils and we may seem a little fanatical but that is because we loooove them! We want to share this love and what we have experienced using them…why not get paid for that?!

doTERRA chose Network Marketing for a reason. They recognised that using essential oils needs to be done safely and to do that their customers needed to be educated. So instead of putting their products in shops they have given them to people like you and me, and let us share our collective experience, take these oils in to people’s homes and show them firsthand how they can be used. As Wellness Advocates we are here to provide the support, answer questions and inspire our team to use their oils safely, get the most out of them and maybe along the way, earn some money!

“They just jack up the price so they can pay commissions making it a more expensive product than it should be”

Most definitely not! doTERRA’s products are actually extremely competitive especially when you consider this company sources their oils globally, sustainably and they are truly pure. They haven’t been diluted with carrier oils to reduce the price. DoTERRA have taken the budget that every other company has to advertise (TV, radio, billboards, print and shop displays etc) and instead they pay us commission for sharing the oils we love. So, there is no additional mark-up to cover the cost of commissions.

“I don’t know enough about the company” 

DoTERRA not only sets the standard for essential oils but also it’s business model. It produces and distributes exceptionally high quality CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ) essential oils through more than a million independent distributors around the world, also known as Wellness Advocates. In addition to a premium line of essential oils used by individuals and health-care professionals alike, the company also offers other products that are naturally safe, purely effective, and infused with CPTG essential oils. These include personal care and spa products, nutritional supplements, cleaning and other healthy living products. The company is incredibly successful and debt-free making it a stable, long-term business to partner with.

Growth Milestones

  • May 2008 – dōTERRA founded
  • December 2008 – dōTERRA reaches $1 million in sales
  • November 2009 – dōTERRA has first $1 million month
  • Throughout 2012 – dōTERRA has regular $1 million days
  • March 2013 – dōTERRA breaks ground on state-of-the-art corporate headquarters
  • July 2014 – dōTERRA reaches more than 1,000,000 Wellness Advocates
  • August 2014 – dōTERRA corporate headquarters Phase 1 completed

Industry Leading Retention

dōTERRA enjoys a 65 percent retention rate, compared to a direct selling industry average near 10 percent. After joining dōTERRA, 65 percent of all customers reorder, continue to share dōTERRA products, or build a dōTERRA business. Why?

  • Customers and Wellness Advocates are satisfied with product value
  • High satisfaction levels lead to a desire to share products and success with others
  • Product sales leaders recognise the value of dōTERRA’s powerful compensation plan

Philanthropic Efforts

A company with a social conscience and a big heart, dōTERRA focuses philanthropic efforts through the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. Its mission is to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and ultimately to teach impoverished cultures to be self-reliant.

The foundation is supported by contributions from dōTERRA Wellness Advocates, retail and preferred customers, company employees and executives, and others who share our vision. Donations are collected through monthly contributions, one-time contributions, and select product sales. For more information visit Healing Hands.

This all sounds amazing, how does it work?

Before we get in to the different ways to make money, ranks and why doTERRA is best, let me be upfront and say the only commitment you have to make to make a business with doTERRA is you have to sign up to the Loyalty Rewards Program and place a minimum order of 100PV every month. That is because in order to earn commission from sales you need to have a 100PV order sitting in your back office at all times. In AU$ that equates to about $120-$140 depending what you buy. I easily earned that in my first month and so all my LRP orders have actually been covered by my commissions so far! I have only actually paid for my enrolment kit. How you share your oils is totally up to you.


Full compensation Plan

  1. FAST START BONUS – This is paid weekly and you can get paid up to three levels down. When you enrol someone (Linda), you will receive 20% commission on Linda’s PV purchase (not $ amount purchased) and everything else she purchases for the first 60 days. When Linda enrols someone (Brain) you will receive 10% of his purchases for 60 days. Then, when Brain enrols Jessica you get 5% on her purchases. You must have a 100PV order in your LRP to qualify.
  2. POWER OF 3 BONUS – Paid monthly, this a bonus when you and 3 of your front line (people directly below you) have 100PV LRP orders and a team volume of 600PV. That qualifies you for a $50 bonus. When those 3 people on your frontline then have three people on their frontline doing the same thing you qualify for a $250 bonus. Now….when your beautiful doTERRA tree is getting large and glorious and all of those people all have their power of three (see the picture above to see how this looks) you qualify for a whopping $1,500 bonus!!
  3. RETAIL SALES – If people aren’t keen to enrol but they’d like to purchase oils, they can buy them at retail price through your doTERRA webpage store. You will then receive the 25% profit on their purchases. This is also paid monthly.
  4. UNILEVEL ORGANISATIONAL BONUS (with dynamic compression)- This is what people get excited about and this is where your long-term, residual income is made. So….you earn a % commission on the PV sales of the people below you. If you check out the graph above you can see that when you reach the rank of Executive you will get 2% on your frontline’s purchases (based on PV not $). Then people either you place below them or the people your frontline have enrolled on your second level you will earn 3%. This increases the further you go down up to 7 levels at 7%. The wonderful thing about doTERRA is that they have also introduced dynamic compression. For more info on why this is AWESOME, just check out my blog.

To have your commissions paid in to your bank account, fill out and email off this Direct Deposit Form (Australia Only).

So this all sounds the same as other companies?….think again!!

What makes doTERRA different?

They have structured their company to ENCOURAGE collaboration and building. Most companies out there will pay 7% on your first level and decrease the deeper you go. This is a great way to get money quickly however, you can understand how the structure of your tree would look…lots of people directly underneath you. This is because you earn the most money on those people. DoTERRA on the other hand is a slower growth model but not only does it actually encourage you to build a deeper organisation and place enrolments under other members of your team (helping your builders get started and boost their volume) you actually make A LOT more money in the long run! This image sums it up perfectly!

doTERRA vs other companies

You can see other Network Marketing company models on the right where you get paid the highest % on the first level you earn more than the doTERRA Wellness Advocate on the left up to the 4th level. But then things really take off and by level 7 where you should have the MOST number of people as your builders develop their own teams and their own builders. By level 7 you are actually $20,000 ahead of the other company…..EVERY MONTH!

Another thing that puts doTERRA well ahead of the pack is their retention rate. The average company has a 13% retention rate while doTERRA is a whopping 65%!!! That means that 65% customers will make a purchase at least once every 3 months. This makes for a much more stable business as so many people fall head over heels for our product that they continue to use and make purchases.

What do we offer?

People LOVE being in our team as it is such a supportive, community environment, we have a private, members only Facebook group, weekly conference calls for mentoring and free, comprehensive online training you can take at your own pace.  The best part is we are all here to help make a difference in people’s lives and support them on a physical, emotional and energetic/spiritual level, PLUS we get to help others achieve time and financial freedom! DOES IT GET ANY BETTER??!!!

It’s time. Time to determine your path. Time to get started, right now.

I would LOVE to partner with you and help support you to see your vision and achieve your goals. Please reach out and contact me.