How To Use doTERRA Essential Oils

How To Use doTERRA Essential Oils

There are 3 ways to use essential oils: Aromatically, Topically and Internally. You will likely find a favourite way of using them and it isn’t necessary to use all three methods to receive the benefits of essential oils. Using such a potent and high quality essential oil like doTERRA means you will enjoy the many benefits of oils through any method.



Enjoying the aroma of essential oils is usually our very first experience with them. You walk into someone’s home with a diffuser going or crack open a bottle and your head is filled with the beautiful fragrance of pure essential oils. This method of use is most effective in shifting negative energy, lifting your mood and balancing your emotions. Why? Our sense of smell is the only one of our 5 senses that links directly to the emotional epicentre of the brain: the limbic system (hypothalamus, the hippocampus and the amygdala). It is why aroma can be so incredible for anchoring us and in an instant trigger a memory or create a feeling within us. The smell of coffee might remind you of lovely, long Sunday breakfasts or the smell of your grandma’s soap triggers feelings of security and love.

Ways you can use oils aromatically:

  1. Open the bottle of oil and inhale (remember to store oils with lids tightly done up as they will evaporate)
  2. Put 2-4 drops of essential oils with water in your Petal Diffuser in the bedroom/living room/office
  3. Mix essential oils and water together in a glass or metal spray bottle and spritz sheets or room before bed
  4. Oil diffusing jewellery
  5. Add a drop or two to a tissue or hanky
  6. DIY reed diffusers for toilets/smaller rooms or as thoughtful presents

NOTE: oils evaporate into very small particles of oil. The chemical constituents of the oil will have remain unchanged if evaporated at room temperature or diffused using cold misters. This means you will inhale the oil as it floats around the room combined with water particles. You are absorbing the essential oil droplets through your skin as it settles on you or through the delicate skin inside your nasal passages. That is why you will still experience the wonderful benefits of doTERRA essential oils using this method. Because the oil is so dispersed in the air, it is an incredibly safe method of using essential oils around babies and small children.



doTERRA essential oils are 100% pure and every single batch is third party tested to ensure there are no foreign particles. No chemical fillers, no synthetic compounds, no fertilisers, pesticides etc in the oil. You can be 100% confident that there is nothing but pure Mother Nature. The molecules of essential oils are very small and because they are oils they are lipid soluble. What does that mean? It absorbs into your skin quickly and travels INTO your cells easily too. How easily….26 seconds. In less than 30 seconds the oils will have absorbed from your skin into your blood stream! Always combine pure essential oils with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil  as this will help the oil absorb more easily into your skin and stop “flash off” (rapid evaporation). It will also dilute the oil so that you are less likely to experience any skin irritation. These oils are incredibly potent! A little goes a very long way.

Dilution recommendations: 10-20drops :10mL carrier for ADULTS ; 5-10 drops :10mL for CHILDREN; 1-2 drops :10mL for BABIES or those with very delicate/fragile skin). 

These are recommendations put out by doTERRA but it is best if you start very diluted and add more drops if you would like it stronger. Some oils can be used neat (no dilution) but always try a “test patch” before using neat. The soles of your feet are great for testing out oils as the skin is very thick.

Ways of using oils topically:

  1. Add another therapeutic dimension to your massage by adding oils to your massage oil
    • soothe sore muscles
    • infant massage for to calm and soothe and a beautiful way to bond
    • improve circulation and lymphatic drainage
    • relieve pain and discomfort in joints and muscles
  2. Pop a few drops in a bath
  3. Blend up a combo of oils in a roller bottle to apply on the go
  4. Rub clockwise around your belly for tummy upset
  5. Add oils to your body moisturiser
  6. Create your own face serum with Fractionated Coconut Oil and essential oils
  7. DIY gorgeous gifts for your family with essential oil infused body scrubs, bath bombs and perfumes



As mentioned above, doTERRA essential oils are meticulously screened for their purity. Not all oils are the same and so if you can’t confirm or trust that the oils you have are screened of all nasties and adulterations I would not be willing to take them internally. doTERRA essential oils are imported into Australia as food. It will say very  clearly on the label of the bottle if it can be taken internally. It will say: “For dietary use only.  Dilute 1 drop in 120mL of liquid”. If it is not an oil that is safe to consume, it will say “For topical and aromatic use only”. Follow these instructions. Lots of oils are very safe to use topically on your skin but the skin that lines your digestive tract (mucosal layer) is much more sensitive.

This is also the most controversial mode of application, leading to much debate throughout the essential oil community in recent years. The confusion surrounding internal use of essential oils is largely based on lack of awareness. However, years of past and ongoing research have found that internal usage is a safe and profoundly efficacious application method.
Oils are super potent, 50-70 times more potent than herbs. For example, one drop of Peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea!! So be very respectful of using oil internally. They are safe when used appropriately. Like mentioned at the start, you can experience the full benefits of essential oils with any method so if you would prefer not to use oils internally that is totally fine.

Ways of using essential oils internally:

  1. Add a drop of citrus oil like lemon/lime/grapefruit to water or soda water for a refreshing drink
  2. One drop of Oregano or Rosemary will flavour enough Spaghetti Bolognese to serve 6-8 people
  3. Peppermint or Jaffa bliss balls
  4. doTERRA blends in capsules like DDR Prime ; DigestZen ; Serenity
  5. LifeLong Vitality Pack – seriously incredible range of vitamin, omega 3 and essential oil supplements!
  6. Some oils come in beadlet form which is one drop of oil contained in a little vegetarian gel case.
  7. Create your own essential oil supplement blends with veggie capsules


If you would like more ideas on ways to use your oils, check out my Facebook page, my other blog posts and the doTERRA Blog is brimming with amazing ideas too!

And remember you are never alone learning all of this! When you enrol with me you will get sent very handy guides to using essential oils safely like our “150 Uses for the Hom Essential Kit”. You’ll also get to tap into a whole community of essential oil users through closed Facebook groups where you can learn from the experiences of others, our leaders and ask questions anytime. There are also comprehensive books and apps you can reference too.

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